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Bridal Myth & Legends

The Why’s and Where’s of Where These Traditions Came From

Photo Credit: http://www.weddingpartyapp.com/blog/2013/09/05/favorite-movie-wedding-moments/

Kinda like that show Adam Ruins Everything, but it’s me, Amy, doing the ruining, and it’s not so much ruining, just pulling back the veil. See what I did there…

So the first one I always love is the bridesmaids. As we know them today, they are our best gals, the ones who know us inside and out and can’t wait to show us that by supporting us on our big day. And leading up to that they usually throw us a killer shower and a bachelorette party that is just the right mix of naughty and nice. But back when they first came to be, they were actually a squad of protectors, dressed similarly to the bride, in the event that someone wanted to kidnap or harm her on her big day. Talk about Ride or Die girls!

And that’s not all, you’re groom had some of this own Bros before H…ummm…you see where this is going. He had his boys and they weren’t just to lift the bride off the ground horizontally for a goofy photo. In fact, they were actually supposed to lift a bride from a neighboring town and bring her to a brideless groom who didn’t have enough to choose from where he lives.

A veil has origins in the Roman times where its purpose was exactly as you’d suspect. The veil was to keep a bride looking modest and chaste. But here’s the doozy – it was later used as her burial shroud. I mean I guess you could get to say you used it again, so there’s that.

The “first look” has gotten a ton of attention lately. Do you do it before the ceremony? Right on the aisle? Somewhere private? Public? So many choices!! Good news, nothing bad comes your way no matter which you go for because you know your groom (I assume). This comes from the days where they didn’t want to have any runners so brides and grooms had to wait until they were stuck with each other to get a first glimpse.

Back in England there was a custom to rip a piece of the brides dress as good luck. No worries, Vera Wang wasn’t designing these bad boys, they were just any old dress so brides didn’t mind. Fast-forward, now those babies cost a mortgage payment and brides wish to keep them in tact (although then they usually end up in a preservation box you can’t open sitting in a closet you never open because the only thing in it is a dress you can’t use again, but I digress). Now since we want a more hands off approach to our gowns, we toss a garter or bouquet – back off grabby, have some flowers!

These are just some fun facts that I pulled from Babble.com to share with you because sometimes we get so wrapped up in the thing of it all we forget to remember the Why. And sometimes the Where, the How and the rest of it too!! Traditions are fun, or silly, or needless or wantless, or they are everything to you. However you feel, at least now you can choose with ease. They won’t affect your wedded bliss, we promise.

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