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Dolla Dolla Bills!

Dolla Dolla Bills! My husband gets mortified, like take our son and run out the front door of the store, when I begin to negotiate. But I operate on the idea that the only thing in life that’s not negotiable are death and taxes – and who knows...


DIY, is it Do or Die?

DIY, is it Do or Die? Ok no, it will not actually kill you to make a craft, but depending on what you take on, you may feel as though it tried really hard! The thing is, we live in the Pinterest age, it’s like the minute that sparkler goes on...


Imagine Thy Self, a Bride

Imagine Thy Self, a Bride Instantly, when you do this, you are probably wearing white, maybe with a veil, perhaps you’re bedazzled, or maybe you’re a lace kinda gal, but keep looking – are you also 10 lbs lighter, tan AF, and, wait, are those...


Who is in your squad?

The Squad, The Chosen Ones, The Party, The Maids and those other guys, whatever you choose to call your wedding party, the question is – How do you pick them?  Are they your closest friends, the ones you’ve known the longest, the sister in...

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