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DIY, is it Do or Die?

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DIY, is it Do or Die?

Ok no, it will not actually kill you to make a craft, but depending on what you take on, you may feel as though it tried really hard! The thing is, we live in the Pinterest age, it’s like the minute that sparkler goes on your third digit you set up shop in front of your computer with some ice cream fro yo (it’s wedding prep time!) and you get to pinning. First some dresses, then some flowers, then next thing you know you’ve pinned your second house paint scheme after you outgrew the first house because the twins take up SO MUCH SPACE! It’s a maddening black hole of point, click and pin, and it’s as glorious as it is scary, other dimensional, wormhole-ish. (Yeah, I’m going with that as a word because I know you get what I mean.)

And I forgot the most enlightening part of it all – you are scrolling and you are pinning and you are also magically becoming Mini Martha Stewart in the process because you can save SO much money because you can TOTALLY make that yourself! Ohhhh it’s your new fiancé proud of all the fake money you have fake saved, you perfect little specimen you. For what it’s worth, I personally, AM super proud of you, because I was you. And it nearly cost me all identifying marks on my fingers. Good if I’m planning on becoming a career criminal, sorta not so good if I just dig having finger prints that weren’t singed by a glue gun 220 times. But this is what happened when my Inner Mini Martha decided she could make all the cute burlap silverware holders for the wedding AND hand stamp them all. Sure did.

Now if I’m being honest, I was super proud to have my handiwork be a part of our day. In that particular case that is. In some other cases, like making my own signs and such, I probably should have called in a pro or at least a friend with nicer handwriting than my 5th grade comparable scribble. They looked kinda cheesy, if I can be super critical of myself, which I can, because it’s me.

See, like all things, there’s a time and a place. Your wedding, as I keep repeating and always will, should be about you, feel like you, and have little touches of you. If that means that you hand craft something, that’s awesome. If it means you leave it to the pros on Etsy, equally awesome! The only right answer is to do what feels like you. Or what you can guilt your best friend, who totally should have been a calligrapher, into doing.

A final little tip – Just remember, when you start wedding planning you hit the ground running, then you have this sweet lull where things are chosen, deposits are paid, and it feels like you’re just sitting around waiting until you get closer to the big day – therein lies your craft time. Better to do them early and make sure they hold up, and to give yourself time to regrow finger prints, than to be up the night before your wedding bedazzling your napkins while everyone else is having a martini downstairs. Go forth Mini Martha, or don’t my fine Etsy Find Friend, either path is right so long as it leads you down the aisle to your favorite look, on your best day, with your future looking as beautiful as you do.

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