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Have you considered an event planner for an upcoming event? If so why? Many decide to hire a planner because of their time constraints, lack of resources or inability to manage multiple life situations. Deciding to hire a planner will not only free up some time, but can also relieve some anxiety, that is if you let your planner do the work! Liking the idea versus allowing the planner to have full control are two different things. Make sure you have an open and honest conversation with the planner you are potentially going to hire. Know your needs. Maybe you just need a planner for “day of” services, or are you a hands off person that only wants to show up to your event and enjoy your day. Whichever person you are, be sure to communicate openly and honestly with your planner to ensure your needs are met. An event planner is there to help you through your process, not hinder it. Soooooo, let them do what they do best! Think of your planner as any other service provider you may trust. When in your doctors office, you don’t instruct them where to place the stethoscope, do you? You don’t look over your mechanics shoulder and instruct them on how rebuild your engine, do you? Let you planner plan, coordinate, and manage so you, the client, can get the best possible service you deserve.

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