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Imagine Thy Self, a Bride

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Imagine Thy Self, a Bride

Instantly, when you do this, you are probably wearing white, maybe with a veil, perhaps you’re bedazzled, or maybe you’re a lace kinda gal, but keep looking – are you also 10 lbs lighter, tan AF, and, wait, are those golden highlights in your newly raven locks??

Please tell me no, pleeeeeease say no…you can’t can you? You’ve pictured the alter and your ‘best self’ is standing in front of it and she has been sculpted in the leg to perfection (although realistically you’re probably not gonna see your legs!) and her arms, the enviable arms she has, and oh that new do, ain’t she rocking it!? But let’s press pause and consider the other ‘alter’ as in “your crazy alter ego who is the one standing at the top of the aisle’; that chick is pure, made up in your brain, perfection. Focus on the ‘made up in your brain’ part!

Now let’s press STOP on the treadmill you are running on toward your big day. Because guess who probably doesn’t want to marry your made up perfect alter ego. The groom. He loves YOU. Yupper, you, and she is fabulous.

I’m not saying don’t work to feel your best on your wedding day. But what I am saying is this is a time in our lives where we all want to be perfect and perfect is boring, and perfect is not what made your man say ‘I’m gonna spend my life with her!’ You want to be YOU on your big day.

If you never wear your hair up, probably don’t go wearing your hair up that day. If you aren’t the type to sport a fascinator every time the royal couple does, maybe you skip that too. Heels aren’t your jam? Don’t go tripping down the aisle. Normally blond? Perhaps it will confuse your groom when he sees a red headed mystery woman coming his way!

Again, I’m all for putting best foot forward and this is the day you want to feel the most amazing you’ve ever felt. But do it in your own skin, not Snooki’s. Workout if you want to so that you have the bicep you’ve always dreamed of, but don’t set yourself up to be 3 months into being a newlywed as ‘the girl that really let go of herself when she got married’ because leading up to your wedding you became an Olsen twin.

I’ve said it every time we talk and I’m going to keep saying it – this whole thing is about you, your future husband, and your life together. Start it out as yourself because that’s what got you to this place. And being anyone else is super hard to maintain! Plus who wants to look at their wedding photos and think ‘Wait who is that girl?’ only to have it be bronzed goddess, ultra skinny, red headed you, as the answer. Ok ok maybe you’ll always recognize yourself, but don’t you want to see you, smiling back? I know you’re groom sure does.

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