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“It’s (no longer) Hip to be Square,” and Other Trends Rounding Out This season and the Next

“It’s (no longer) Hip to be Square,” and Other Trends Rounding Out This season and the Next

 There are some pretty sweet trends, or updates on what was trendy, that are rocking out this seasons weddings. I know this is a departure from my usual blogging but I was caught up in a Pinterest Hole searching for the EXIT sign so I could return to civilization and it occurred to me that brides may feel the same way. Information overload is real, so is planning your wedding with 19 different vibes if you aren’t careful!

So what’s cool, in my opinion, for the rest of 2017 and 2018? Well read on my friend, and let’s see if any of it speaks to you!

Photo booth redux: This is where you literally get outside the box. The new photo booths aren’t really so much booths at all, but rather stylized spaces inside the reception that reflect who you are as a couple. Maybe it’s a backdrop of flowers or ties or a scene from Guardians of the Galaxy (hey, you do you, I’m not judging!). And you can now (using a clicker in your hand not the dreaded button 3 feet away) capture it, instantly upload it, and share a logo’d one with the bridge and groom using Robot Booth. Cool, huh?

Metal Geometric Shapes: There are fun, open, airy shapes hitting tables at receptions and lining aisles all over the land these days! These geometric shapes give the feeling of being pricey and artsy, but really can be easily arranged, moved, and redisplayed to make your day look elegant and streamlined at each facet of the day, ceremony through reception.

Wood Working: There is such a movement to keep the rustic wedding vibe alive that handmade wood crafts are still living high on the hall. These can be signs used to tell people which direction the ceremony, reception, and all important POTTY are. Or they can be the sweet MR and MRS on the back of the bride and groom’s chair. Or they can be reminders of the wedding as gifts and keepsakes like this beautiful, hand wood burned sign done in the likeness of the newlyweds’ invitation…swoon…ScorchedWoodBurnings.

Cake alternatives: Brides and grooms are skipping cake cutting in favor of donut devouring, cake pop kisses, macaroon make-outs, and Instagram worthy ice cream! How much fun does it sound like to leave behind the traditional slice into coupledom and instead have your favorite creamery stop on by food truck style while your friends and family grab their favorite local treat? Or just call the Good Humor guy for some sweet nostalgia. Let’s face it, what they say is true ‘we all scream for ice cream’.

So there you have a small sample of what I think is memorable and has some staying power to get you through your 2018 wedding, or to jazz up your 2017 one that is this close to being perfect. And remember, if at the end of the day you married your best friend, it was all perfect – now call the ice cream guy so it can be ‘perfect with a cherry on top’!

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