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Second Chances: Rules and Regulations for Second Weddings

Second Chances:

Rules and Regulations for Second Weddings

What what?! There are no RULES AND REGULATIONS for ANY wedding! I mean, sure, I’ve given some helpful hints about what is in, what is out, and maybe what I think is best left at a prom, but as I always say, it’s your day so YOU DO YOU!

Second weddings can be perceived as tricky for a multitude of reasons. Some people may think the bride or groom already had their ‘big’ wedding so they should simmer down and go quietly into wedded bliss without the pomp and circumstance. Others may wish for a solid reason for an island vacation so they beg you to have a destination wedding. And then, there is always the idea that Hey, maybe this is just as important as the first one, or more so, and everyone should butt out. The thing is, any wedding, no matter the number, is special, and important, and deserves to be celebrated however the bride and groom decide.

What I have noticed is that some traditions go by the wayside like bachelor parties and showers, but some traditions become even more special.   Bridal parties become family, first dances become a way to celebrate your Dad and all he means to you as you get to support him on his big day, toasts become speeches intended to lift up the couple as the unit they have become even with a lifetime of ‘baggage’. There’s something to be said for a daughter walking her mother down the aisle, and an aunt passing down something to her niece that was special to her Mom. You can’t capture the enormity of the feelings when, during a dance, a Dad thanks his girls for being his friends, for honoring his family in the naming of their children, and for standing up for him always. These things only come around once in a lifetime, but it’s only on the second opportunity that they get the chance to come together in this unique way.

People deciding to take a second chance at love deserve to be championed the same way first timers do, and their days deserve to reflect that support however they wish to receive it. If the bride wants to wear white, I’m pretty sure no one qualifies for that anymore so what’s one more? If the groom is steadfast in his desire to have the first look be of his bride at the end of the aisle, you’ll still want tissues for the emotional moment. Because that’s the thing, weddings are all the feels. And second time brides and grooms have all the same hopes, dreams, fears, excitement, and everything else that goes along with getting married. We’re all the same when it comes to wanting to celebrate finding the person we want to be a witness to our life.

So celebrate – whether it’s the big hoopla or the rocking destination or just the courthouse with some friends and a good bottle of wine after – just celebrate, because it’s about you, and you two deserve it.

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