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Stacy Shamburger

Stacy Shamburger

President & CEO

My name is Stacy D. Shamburger. My skills and areas of expertise include event planning, management, organization & of course FUN! We specialize in event planning & management for weddings, corporate and all social affairs. I believe in committing 100% to anything I sign my name to, whether it is my business, education or anything in my personal life. My hobbies and interests include music, restaurants, wine tasting, & reading. I am drawn to & passionate about charitable organizations such as Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

I am a hardworking, motivated young woman who sets goals & accomplishes them. I am consistent, determined, dedicated & hard working. I always strive for the absolute best & that is time after time reflected in my work.  My attention & eye for detail is impeccable.  I have always had an ability to make anyone, anywhere feel comfortable; a quality not many possess.  I hold discretion & integrity to the highest standards & expect no less from those that surround me.

My talent for working with diverse populations and personalities require a skilled disposition & a need for flexibility; a mold I fit well.  It may have something to do with the career path I have chosen in Social Work. While my passion for working with & for people has allowed me access to a multitude of different walks of life, I continuously need to be challenged in life. My love of people has driven me to start my own business, Lily Elite Affairs (LEA), LLC.  LEA allows me to provide the greatest care for my customers most precious and intimate moments in life; marrying my talents together perfectly.

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