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Planning an event of any kind can be a daunting task!   Sometimes we have to “get real” and ask ourselves, is this the right time and can I afford this?  And the most important question of ALL…do I really need to pay someone to plan, coordinate, and or manage my event?   While all very good questions, you do not have to have the answers to your questions before you schedule a consultation.  Most consultative services are free of charge!  A consultation is meant for you to meet your potential planner, get a feel for one another, and to find out if you and your event are a match for each other.  So go ahead and spend an hour of your free but very valuable time testing the waters in the vast ocean of even planning services!


Now, some things to keep in mind while you are meeting with you potential planner, (the do’s and don’ts)…

1) Do come prepared to chit chat!  Keep it light and comfortable for the both of you.

2) Do stay open to new information.  Just because you haven’t thought of it, doesn’t make it a bad idea!

3) Do not try to something for nothing.  Planners work very hard to stay current with what’s new and happening in the planning industry, so please do not try and milk them for their ideas during the consultation process.

4) Do not bring 4 of your closest girlfriends, your mother and your puppy and then not be able to get a word in edgewise! Focus!

5) Do bring one trusted friend that has always been honest with you even if it hurt a little. OUCH!

6) If you have ideas, DO share them.  This assists the process and your potential planner to get to know you and you event desires.

7) If you have already decided on your event budget, Do disclose this at your consultation.  Open communication allows for better planning!

8) Do not over exaggerate your budget.  This can cause many problems in the end, like fees that you can not afford but will still be responsible for.  No one needs that in there life!

9) Do make sure you are aware of what you can handle on your own.  No need to pay someone what you are capable of doing yourself!

10) And lastly, if your event includes a partner, DO make sure you include them in the consultation process.  No one likes to be left out!


From your friends at Lily Elite Affairs

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