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This business is all about the client review! Whether it’s word of mouth, social media, email or just drinks with girlfriends, a review is what will help or hinder to drive future business. Your planner works tirelessly (well, if they’re a good one) to ensure your event goes off flawlessly. Most are working well before the day of and many times they keep late and weekend hours to ensure your day goes beautifully. Why not honor the work they’ve done with a simple review. Now that we are living in a digital age, it takes just a moment to write a quick review. Since your planner should be highly organized, hopefully they have provided you with a link that will load directly to a review page. The process should be simple and quick; one link, one click, one review!

Review Lily Elite Affairs if we have provided a service to you, you have attended one of our events, or we have worked with you and/or your company!

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