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Under the Sea and other Super Cool Wedding Themes

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HAHAHAHAHA ok, ok give me a minute to catch my breath. Wedding theme! No. Just no.

Weddings don’t have themes, Sweet 16 maybe, Christmas in July, without a doubt, but weddings, no. They have a look, a feeling, a vibe. They can be rustic, or elegant, or even back yard BBQ. But unless you want to be remembered as ‘that wedding with the piñata’ I don’t recommend theming anything.

So how do you get people to realize your vision, get them to feel your wedding aura? Well that’s simple, call Lily Elite Affairs because we totally rock at that. You can stop reading now. No don’t, I’m about to drop some knowledge, I swear.

Much like decorating a home, you start with one room not the whole house. When creating that feeling you want your wedding to evoke for you, your future Husband, and your guests, you start with one thing. Maybe it’s a concept, like Family, or a sign you saw on Etsy that embodies your relationship ideals, or maybe you just LOVE that in that fake ‘what could have been’ episode of Scandal Liv and Fitz had those to-die-for branches with the red berries lining the aisle (yeah maybe I did take a picture of that with my phone during the episode, what of it?). The idea is that you find something that speaks to you and you build from it, room by room, element by element.

Make sure what you’re picking feels like “you” not like something you think the day should feel like. Everything about this day is personal, there is nothing wrong with having your stamp on every element; as a matter of fact, I recommend it! If there’s a pillow on your bed that you bought at the cutest little shop the first time you went away together, put it somewhere. If you love the shot of your parents on their wedding day, put it somewhere. If you know that the smell of coffee makes you think of Sunday morning breakfast in bed, put it somewhere! Are you sensing a theme here? See what I did there, don’t ya?

The only theme the day should have is YOU all over it. Your love is big and special and important and you can show it off in a One Day Only spectacular. So do it, girl, do the heck out of it. Remember the element by element method, even if it starts with Folgers in your cup because that might lead to the cutest display of coffee cups holding your guests name cards, then the most adorable “Perk up tomorrow because tonight we party” coffee bean favors. People will remember that, and they will feel honored to know you better because you shared what was true and unique to you on that day.

Go forth and plan, and invite me to your Ugly Sweater Party someday, because secretly, I love a good theme party 😉

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