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Who is in your squad?

The Squad, The Chosen Ones, The Party, The Maids and those other guys, whatever you choose to call your wedding party, the question is – How do you pick them?  Are they your closest friends, the ones you’ve known the longest, the sister in law you’re about to gain?  Who knows where to start?!?!
Oh me! I know!  Start with your heart.  Oh how cute, I rhymed.  Lucky you, I also plan to explain.  When you step back and think of your life, who are the people who are right there beside you?  Your future husband to be is going to be up there, check that box, then turn on the panoramic view and see who else is in the shot.  Do you see your sister?  Your sister in law? Your brand new BFF that just rang you up at White House Black Market because she totally snuck you that coupon that isn’t valid until tomorrow and you just know in your heart you’d totally have fun over 18 tequila shots?  No matter who you see, listen to it.
Not a visual kinda gal? No worries, let’s try some Q &A:
Is this a person in your life who will support you and celebrate you?
Is it someone who you’d miss that day if she wasn’t by your side to share whatever popped in your mind?
Does she last past the day – meaning, is she hot right now because you’re in the right place at the right time with each other, or will she be there for the long haul? And which is more important to you?
For me, I wanted to make sure when I looked back at my pictures I wasn’t going to think I was so glad I had “what’s her name” there with me.  I wanted to start painting the story of our life using colors I knew I’d never get sick of (ok that reference made me gag a little, but you get what I mean).  Having fundamentally important people there with me was my baseline.  My sister was a no brainer, my sisters in law are my family as I choose it to be from that day forward, so it made sense to choose them, and then 2 more friends til the end rounded me out.  I could have gone larger, WAY larger, like 27 Dresses larger, no kidding…but there’s another thing – that’s a lot of personality.

And another fun fact for ya is that despite how well each person knows you, they all know you slightly differently.  This makes planning things for you a little more challenging.  You may be a take shots, dance on the bar, drinker with Stacy, a fitness fool with Jane, an ‘I know you better than anyone ever’ to your sister, and you may still be trying to look like the perfect sister in law to your in laws.  But despite all that, they all want to do this for you, so always assume positive intent from them.  Which is easier when you’ve chosen with your heart, because you know they will too. Oh, and just pray your MOH knows that you can’t be the one she vents to about all of them along the way.

Like I always say, as long as you’re married to your best friend at the end of the day, every decision you made was the right one!

Disclaimer: My sisters in law have known me since college, faking perfection isn’t even remotely possible 😉

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